Provost Umphrey Goes on Offensive about Concussed Players Receiving Benefits

The Provost Umphrey Law Firm LLP recently cited documents that reveal that retired players had received benefits from NFL as a result of suffering multiple concussions over the course of their careers.

This is significant because “many former players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL due to the connection between multiple concussions leading to long-term health problems. The league has denied that concussions from playing are leading to these health concerns, and has stated that there is still not evidence to establish a connection.

“Recently, it was revealed that the league had paid benefits to at least three former players because of disabilities caused due to concussions. Mike Webster, a Hall of Fame center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, died in 2002. After his death, it was determined that his brain showed signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which has been linked to several other former NFL players that have passed away.

“Webster had requested disability benefits from the league in 2000, and the NFL’s retirement board granted his request. The board determined, and independent doctors confirmed, that Webster’s disabilities were the result of injuries suffered due to repeated blows to the head. The board is independent of the league, as it is made up of a combination of owner and player representatives.

“This evidence makes it extremely difficult for the league to state that there was no link proving that playing football caused these permanent injuries. If you or a loved one has played in the NFL, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at this time to discuss your options. The signs of long-term health problems may still lie uncovered, and players need to be prepared for what could arise in the future.”

The firm ( finished its message by noting that “the NFL is aggressively contesting the claims of the former players, and that it is prepared to “stand up” for the “rights” of players.

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