January Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter

The latest issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter has been posted for subscribers.

  • NFL’s Disability  Board’s Acknowledgement of Mike Webster’s Head Injuries While Playing: A  Vicious Hit to NFL’s Position in Concussion Litigation? By Jarett Warner
  • Cheerleading — the Forgotten Sport By Paul Anderson
  • Ohio Governor Signs Concussion Law  that Includes Younger Athletes, Introduces ‘Accountability’ By Holt Hackney
  • Cheerleader Sues   School District,  Coaches, Claiming Negligence By Holt Hackney
  • Sudden Impact: Liability for Sports  Related Concussions By John McKiggan
  • Ivy  League Concussion Policy Strives to Reduce Exposure By Brian Hendrickson
  • Lomas Brown and the Concussion Issue By Holt Hackney
  • Deciphering the Drew Tate Concussion Controversy By Holt Hackney with Jon Heshka

See Concussion Litigation Reporter for this month’s issue.

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