Schutt Sports Reports Record Breaking Year in 2012, Fueled by New Helmet

Delivering more helmets than in any single year since it entered the football helmet market nearly 30 years ago, Schutt Sports also reported record profitability for 2012. All of this occurred at the same time the company introduced a new helmet into the marketplace that may protect against or mitigate the damage from concussions.

“It was a remarkable year, in many ways,” said Robert Erb, President/CEO of Schutt. “We built and shipped more helmets than in any other year in our brand’s 94 year history. We were able to sell that many helmets without sacrificing profitability; in fact, our profitability in 2012 was the best in our history. If that’s not enough, we also introduced the best helmet we’ve ever made, the Vengeance DCT. The Vengeance has been an unconditional success with our dealers and incredibly well received by the market.”

The Vengeance DCT helmet is seen as a key component for that sustained growth. According to Erb, the Vengeance is a unique helmet that was introduced into the marketplace at the right time. The Vengeance first began shipping in the summer of 2012 and became a very popular helmet for the company’s dealer network. The initial orders for the Vengeance far exceeded the company’s projections for the 2012 buying season.

In marketing materials last year, the company noted that the Vengeance features the fourth generation of Schutt’s patented TPU Cushioning.

“TPU Cushioning is already proven to absorb more high-level impact in game-like conditions than traditional foam padding,” Glenn Beckmann, director of marketing communications for Schutt Sports, said at the time. “Our new Dual Density TPU is designed to also meet and better absorb those lower level impacts, which have been shown to potentially have a cumulative, negative effect on the brain, leading to progressive degenerative diseases.”

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