University of Texas Basketball Player Retires after Fourth Concussion

Earlier this week, the Austin American-Statesman reported that guard Chelsea Bass retired from the University of Texas women’s basketball team.

While noting that no specific reason was given, the 5-foot-10 junior had “recently suffered her fourth career concussion.”

In a statement, the player said she was ending her career “after careful consideration and extensive insight from the UT medical staff and various doctors. I have accepted their recommendation that it is best for me to retire from basketball at this time.”

One of Bass’ concussions occurred in October of 2011, when she was accidentally kicked in the head by a teammate during a workout, according to the paper. She also suffered a concussion last February in a game against Baylor University. Her latest concussion reportedly occurred on Nov. 30, causing her to miss 14 of UT’s 15 games.

Some research has shown a susceptibility to future concussions after an athlete suffers an initial concussion.

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One Response to University of Texas Basketball Player Retires after Fourth Concussion

  1. The problem is not the head injury as much as it is that she has not gone to see the right doctor. Waiting and watching is not treatment. There is a physical component to the head-neck injury, I see it every day in my office. I see it, measure it, and correct it so that there is proper realignment and stability restored. This reduces or eliminates the symptoms but more importantly allows for a safe return to play. Poor girl will likely suffer poor health and take meds if this goes uncorrected…