February Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter

The latest issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter has been posted for subscribers.

  • Will Sovereign Immunity Continue to Protect Municipalities, Public Schools and Public Employees from Athletic Liability? By Charles F. Gfeller and Heather L. McCoy
  • Collegiate Concussions < Professional Problems: An Examination of the NCAA Concussion Suit By Tim Epstein
  • Serious Questions Raised about the Management and Prevention of CTE in SportsBy Michael J. Perrotti, Ph.D.
  • Treatment and Interventions For CTE, Depression and Impulsivity By David M. Reiss, M.D.
  • US Lacrosse Gets Proactive; a Chat with its Director of Health & Sport Safety
  • Mother Sues After Her Son Suffers Concussion at Winter Camp By Ellen Rugeley
  • Awareness is Key to the University of Arizona’s Identification and Timely Treatment of Concussions By Nick Verderame
  • McKinley v. Arizona Cardinals Continues to Chip Away at Benefits for California Pro-Athlete Workers’ Compensation By Eric Farber & Ron Mahurin

See Concussion Litigation Reporter for this month’s issue.

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