More Plaintiffs Join NFL Concussion Litigation

Five former National Football league players have joined the concussion litigation being brought against the NFL in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Similar to the other 4,000 plus plaintiffs, the quintet—Shawn Andrews, Adrian Cooper, Ron Dayne, Gary Stills, and Demetrin Veal—allege that  the league concealed information from players about the long-term risks associated with head injuries.

Represented by attorneys Larry E. Coben, Sol H. Weiss and Julie P. Thompson, of Anapol Schwartz, the plaintiffs allege that the league “continuously and fervently denied that it knew, should have known or believed there to be any relationship between NFL players suffering concussions while playing, the NFL policies concerning tackling methodology or the NFL policies about return-to-play, and long-term physical, neurological, mental and cognitive problems…that many players have experienced.”

U.S. District Judge Anita Brody, who is overseeing the multi-district litigation, is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case on April 9. First up will be the NFL’s motion to dismiss, which centers on its contention that the claims are preempted by the players’ Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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