Experts See NCAA as Vulnerable to Concussion Litigation

In an article that appeared in the Washington Times earlier this week, two experts (one in the field of concussions and another in the area of sports law) expressed the opinion that the NCAA may be vulnerable to lawsuits from former student athletes.

The article touched on the Arrington lawsuit against the NCAA, written about extensively in Concussion Litigation Reporter and the steps, or lack of steps being taken by the NCAA to address the concussion issue, according to Chris Nowinski, a former Harvard football player and executive director of the Sports Legacy Institute, which studies head injuries in athletes

“I think the gap is widening between what the NFL is doing and what the NCAA is doing,” he said. “There is money being made and the players have no voice in protecting themselves.”

Later in the Article, Marc Edelman, a sports law professor at Barry University School of Law, shared his thoughts about whether the NCAA litigation has a greater possibility of success in comparison with the NFL litigation.

“In time, all of this is going to change,” he said. “The case against the NCAA, given the organization’s unique position created to protect student athletes from head injuries, is going to make the case against the NCAA far stronger than the case against the NFL.”

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