Ski Area Could be Shut Down in Wake of Concussion Lawsuits

The Woodbury Ski Area in Connecticut may be shut down if the clients of attorney Tracy Montalbano have their way.

Montalbano told NBC Connecticut last week that she’s waiting for the results of a state police investigation into the crash before filing lawsuits on her client’s behalf. But she added that “each one of them wants to see the Woodbury Ski Area shut down.”

Her clients—Brittany Kaytis, Mikaely Whitehouse, and Elaine Cariati—allegedly suffered concussions.

Reportedly, one of the issues was whether the trail was adequately laid out and/or marked.

Donald Cariati, Elaine’s brother, told the television station: “Exactly what can happen happened to us. I fear for so many other people and when I hear other accidents that have happened there it makes me feel bad that someone hasn’t done something yet. When is enough enough?”

NBC Connecticut reported that nine complaints have been filed with the State Bureau of Elevators, which regulates ski lifts, in the last 10 years.

“It’s inherently a dangerous sport just when you go down a hill with a tube. Then you build curves and hills and slides and jumps when there are no standards there and it seems to me it has the potential for injury as we have seen here,” said Gerald Stomski, Woodbury’s First Selectman, told the media.

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