Trainer Catches Heat After Pulling Player from Opposing Team over Concussion

A trainer, who worked a playoff game between two girls’ high school basketball teams, is coming under fire after he removed the star player from the opposing team over a suspected concussion.

The trainer worked for Shawsheen Regional Technical High School, which was playing New Mission High School in a March 1 contest. The player in question was New Mission guard DeAndra Humphries. The trainer pulled her after she suffered a blow and subsequently failed a concussion test. New Mission, which was leading at the time, lost the game.

New Mission’s athletic director was irate over the trainer’s decision, calling it “bad sportsmanship and unprofessional behavior.”

Shawsheen Athletic Directo  Costabile released a statement in which Shawsheen superintendent Charles Lyons dismissed “out of hand any accusation that challenge either the integrity of our athletic department or the broadly acclaimed sportsmanship of our program. We cordially invite the MIAA to investigate actions in any manner it considers appropriate.”

Lyons said “an independent and qualified medical athletic trainer made a decision to remove a player who had no response to standard cognitive concussion questions.”

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