UConn’s Arts, Entertainment & Sports Law Society (AESLS) Sponsoring Concussion Program

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UConn’s Arts, Entertainment & Sports Law Society (AESLS) Sponsoring Concussion Program

The “concussion conundrum,” as one writer calls it, is a potential game-changer for the sport of football. Multiple lawsuits from thousands of plaintiffs suing the NFL are garnering more exposure on a daily basis in the courts—none more impacting than the court of public opinion. And that has led to some searing questions. How big is the medical issue? How big is the legal issue, specifically that affecting the NFL. And how will all of this litigation affect the culture of football as we know it today.

On March 8, 2013, these issues will be addressed at a panel discussion at the University of Connecticut School of Law. This discussion—“A Panel Examining the Legal Implications of the NFL Concussion Lawsuits & the Future of Football”—will be moderated by Sports Law Professor Lewis Kurlantzick, and will also include ‘sports attorneys’ Rob Romano, PRESIDENT, ROMANO SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY, Paul Anderson, FOUNDER & PUBLISHER, NFL CONCUSSION LITIGATION, and Dan Fitzgerald, FOUNDER & PUBLISHER, CONNECTICUT SPORTS LAW.

Click on the following link to view additional program information: UConn Panel Announcement

NOTE—AESLS at UCONN: Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law Society (AESLS) is an organization of students interested in arts, entertainment and sports law. AESLS’s aim is to facilitate student access to resources and opportunities in these areas within the legal community. During the academic year, AESLS sponsors career panels to provide students the opportunity to see and hear arts, entertainment and sports law practitioners.