Concussions Favor No Gender, Girls Just as Prone

Mention concussions and the majority of people tend to think football. The fact is, “concussed athletes” go way beyond football. And it’s not just the guys who are in the spotlight, the gals are coming front and center these days as far as head trauma is concerned.

In the case of one female athlete, she slid into base, head forward, just as she had been taught. The result was devastating. Out cold. She didn’t wake up until 2 days later. She became another high schooler adding to the statistics of what is apparently a growing trend of female athletes suffering injury on the playing field.

“In sports where contact is the same, we see that girls have roughly twice as many concussions as guys,” stated one doctor, elaborating, “We believe that a contributing factor is that girls are a bit more honest in explaining their symptoms.”

In girls’ sports, the Florida Hospital Sports Concussion Program (FHSCP) reports that lacrosse ranks third behind soccer and cheerleading in diagnosed concussions. The FHSCP also “saw a 12 percent increase in female athletes taking baseline concussion tests overall this past year, and a 55 percent increase in diagnosed concussions in girls.”

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