College Soccer Player Sits After Headers Exacerbate Concussion

A sophomore midfielder for the University of Nebraska at Kearney soccer team will sit the rest of the season because of complications she suffered as a result of a concussion last fall.

Delanie Phillips revealed that a ball hit her temple when she was heading an inbound pass in the first half of the Oct. 7 game at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Phillips played the last couple minutes of the half, avoiding contact with other players. She decided not to inform the trainer about the severity of the blow at halftime. A few minutes into the second half, she left the game for good, too dizzy to continue playing.

Four nights later in a home game against Northwest Missouri State, she took another shot when a ball hit the back of her head.

Phillips, who would later say she blacked out, was diagnosed with a concussion and benched for the next few games. She did play the last two games without incident and admitted that she practiced headers non-stop over winter break.

“When I came back in January, I noticed I was having some memory problems,” she told the local newspaper. “I was having difficulty remembering things I had just written down.” She also has become more sensitive to light and sound.

After an MRI, Phillips learned she had had bruising on the back of her brain and was ordered to sit out the spring season.

While most of the symptoms are fading away, Phillips said that “lights still give me headaches. So I wear sunglasses most of the time.”

She said she hopes to get permission to play in the fall.

“I’ve played soccer for 16 years. It’s my life.”

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