Arizona Medical Device Startup Company Seeks to Simplify Concussion Detection

One Arizona company is hoping to expedite the concussion-detection process. With one drop of blood and a hand-held medical device from BioDirection Inc., military personnel and sports trainers at all levels may someday be able to screen concussions at the spot of the injury.

After raising “most of a $3 million round of private financing, according to a new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing”, BioDirection, Inc. will use this seed money to “finish the design and start production of its diagnostic device.”

The company states that ” its device uses nanowire technology to screen a drop of blood for two protein biomarkers that may indicate brain injury.” The device, called Tbit, may launch as early as this year if the manufacturer “can secure necessary regulatory clearance.”

Although the “rapid detection of brain injury has become a target for several technology companies,” BioDirection’s biomarker concept “has gained a following in recent years.” (PDF).

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