NATA Hall of Fame Honoree Addresses Various Subjects re: Player Health & Safety

NY Giants Vice President of medical services, Ronnie Barnes, recently commented on player health and safety in the league.

As a member of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, his passion is obvious. “I can contribute as someone practicing in the field. I bring my experiences in caring for athletes over the years.”

In relation to working with Giants President & CEO & Competition Committee member John Mara, having such a person within arms reach is a big advantage. ”Our medical staff and coaches can make John aware in real time of our concerns on issues that relate to a safer environment for players in the NFL.”

Emphasizing the player-athletic trainer relationship, he stated, “I view all of the players on our roster as my patients. My relationship with them is rooted in honesty, mutual respect, trust and transparency…When I establish a rapport with the athlete and earn his confidence, we can have open and honest discussions about his health care.”

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