Football Coach Takes Chicago Tribune Journalist to Task Over Concussion Position

A recent article by Chicago Tribune journalist John Kass talks about the possible death of American football. That is not a viewpoint shared by former Wisconsin high school football coach Bill Collar, and a “past president of the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association.”file000918067297

Kass floats the theory that, at some point, the NFL will no longer “exist.” The reason being, that parents will not longer allow there sons to participate in such a violent sport—one than can precipitate life-threatening injuries. In other words, no Pop Warner, no middle school, no high school, no college…no players. Which then begs the question, Where does that leave professional football?

Coach Collar is quick to illustrate that professional football and youth and high school football are different in many ways. Trying to say they’re similar is misguided information. All “the benefits of high school football far outweigh the risks involved. Sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, persistence, physical fitness and the discipline and training necessary to play the game properly all escape Kass,” Collar writes.

Collar strongly points out his support for youth and high school football in this recent article, backing up what he preaches, while clearly thrashing Kass’ claims. 

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