What Should Matter …

Eugene Egdorf of the Lanier Law Firm in Houston doesn’t hide the fact that he sits on the plaintiff side. So when we asked him late last month for comment about a story we were doing for Concussion Litigation Reporter about NFL players withdrawing from the concussion litigation against the league to pursue NFL contracts, he shared his overall opinion on the controversial litigation.

“What should matter are the actual relevant facts:

“1. The NFL had concussion data it hid from the players;

“2. There are dozens of dead and disabled former players all suffering from brain injuries attributable to football;

“3. The science on cause and effect is indisputable.

“4. Some of the scientists who conducted research on the issues for the NFL are so appalled that their work was hidden that they are coming forward on behalf of the players; and

“5. The NFL’s ‘defense’ is centered on the provisions of collective bargaining agreements – not science or the facts of the case.”

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