The Necks of Female Athletes Implicated Again in Increase of Concussions

Local concussion clinics are beginning to tell a grim story. Although the findings are not clinical in nature, one cannot escape the impact of the observations that are being made by doctors and staff.

First of all, “female patients are making up a larger percentage of the clinics’ overall concussion patient population, a percentage that continues to rise year to year.”

At the outset, it was thought that female athletes were “more likely than male athletes to report their concussion symptoms.” However, reports Dr. Cynthia Stein of Boston Children’s Hospital, “not many of us believe that is the reason any longer.”

Central to the theory of why female athlete concussions are on the rise revolves around the anatomy of the female neck. Usually thinner and less muscular than their male counterparts, girls appear to be more susceptible to the effects of “whiplash,” which often is to blame for a concussion.

In general, regarding what some might call a concussion plague in this country, several doctors also “thought the year-round schedules that millions of young athletes on travel and elite teams keep as they specialize in one sport was a contributing factor.”

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