Texas House Close to Sending Sports Concussion Insurance Pilot Program to Senate

In a state where football is practically a way of life, one Texas legislator has drafted a proposal that would supplement insurance already offered by school districts. This is just another step that reinforces what many feel is part of the changing landscape in youth sports—in this case, how to arm parents with the resources to offset the costs of properly diagnosing and treating head trauma.

The pilot program as proposed by Brownsville Democratic Rep. Eddie Lucio III focuses on “supplemental concussion insurance for boys who play football and girls who play soccer.”

Texas school districts currently offer insurance to students participating in sports. However, Lucio’s proposal “gives parents the option of buying extra insurance for ‘around $5.’” And would guard against “concussion-related symptoms (that) sometimes don’t appear until after students graduate and lose their district insurance.”

The house version of this bill passed on May 7th.

If approved by the Senate, the University Interscholastic League and the Texas Education Agency would administer the policies which would be underwritten by private companies. Both the UIL and the TEA would also select the districts to benefit from this pilot, which Lucio hopes is “a cross-section from around the state.”

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