US Lacrosse Supports ‘Youth Sports Concussion Act’

Add US Lacrosse to the list of organizations now backing the proposed “Youth Sports Concussions Act.”

A majority of states have either already passed, or are in the process of introducing, legislation targeted at reducing youth sports concussions. Now, at the federal level, a bill sponsored by Congressman Tom Udall (D-N.M.) is making its way to the U.S. senate. The bill’s mandate seeks to empower “both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to take stronger actions in guaranteeing equipment safety standards and claims by sporting goods manufacturers.”

Scheduled for public release by January 2014 is a National Academies report on sports-related concussions that, among its other findings, includes “product safety standards that equipment manufacturers will need to consider for voluntary adoption.” This new legislation is intended to extend the impact of the report’s findings.

A major concern of many sports organizations has been the accuracy of statements made by sporting goods manufacturers. Does the manufacturer accurately represent “the protective benefits and limitations of equipment to mitigate injury and risk” as stated in its marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and other disclaimers?

Said Ann Carpenetti at US Lacrosse, “We have invested extensively in the area of injury research and prevention in the sport of lacrosse, and having sport specific equipment that performs to meet a protective standard is critically important to ensure player safety on the field.”

The passage of this bill will allow “the Federal Trade Commission to take stronger action against manufacturers who make false and deceptive product safety claims.”

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