Swope Scenario Illustrates One of the Legal Challenges NFL Plaintiffs May Face

There are any number of hurdles the attorney for the NFL plaintiffs may need to clear.

One of which may be to determine how much of the damage, if any, was inflicted on an NFL player, while he was under contract to an NFL team.

Take Phoenix Cardinals rookie receiver Ryan Swope, who fell in the draft “because he had four concussions at Texas A&M,” according to a report on Pro Football Talk (PFT).

Swope’s teammate Larry Fitzgerald went so far as to suggest on SiriusXM radio (via ESPN.com) that Swope has missed practice time while working through issues related to the concussions he suffered in college, according to PFT.

“Fitzgerald’s comments are the first we’ve heard that Swope’s college concussions are still an issue, but they were definitely an issue for him heading into the draft,” Mike Mayock said on the NFL Network. “Swope would have been a third-round pick if he had a clear medical history, but he fell to the sixth round because of those concussions.”

How many other players suffered concussions in college that weren’t properly diagnosed? And where do you draw the line between what damage was done in College, or high school, and the NFL?

If more and more college players fall in the draft because of the concussions they suffered in college and their effects, will they become more inclined to seek legal recourse if their treatment was questionable?

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