Athlete Agrees with Twins after Being Put on DL

Say the word concussion these days in any sports environment and players ears perk up. It’s automatic. Awareness is reaching the critical point.

However, once the ears have perked up, that can often be a fleeting thing. After all, regardless of age, there’s that tendency for Macho Man to surface, and we’ll just play through everything. Rest? Who needs rest? Can’t miss a paycheck. What will my teammates think? Must press on.

It’s the “must-press-on” part that sets you up, and sets you down. Not healed and plowing forward weakens the player who then becomes very susceptible to post-concussive hits, and that just heaps more kerosene on the fire.

However, it’s refreshing to hear a player say he needed to sit out. Such was the case of Minnesota Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe recently. Apparently, Plouffe fully supported the Twins decision to remove him from play. “Going on the 7-day DL was the right thing to do, just because of the history here with concussions,” Plouffe said. “I think you’ve got to err on the side of caution.”

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