SEC Wants to Pass the Baton to NCAA on Concussions

Some in the medical research field have been critical of college football and its lack of effort in dealing with KENTUCKY2010 001concussions. Step forward the SEC Working Group which, “after a year of studying head injuries,” says its time for the NCAA to lead the charge on dealing with head trauma.

Two areas that the Working Group feels the NCAA should consider are: “possible revisions to playing rules in various sports, including football, and collect national data.”

The SEC’s study over the past year has resulted in the substantial gathering of information about concussions, and it has “identified best practices and standards of care, and provided that information to team physicians, trainers, athletics directors and coaches in the league.”

According to Mike Slive, SEC Commissioner, the time has come. “There is much work to be done, and while the Conference has a role to play, prevention and treatment of concussion injuries is a national concern that needs and deserves a coordinated national effort. For this reason, the Presidents and Chancellors will make a formal request that the NCAA take the lead in organizing and spearheading a national research effort and examining possible revisions to playing rules in football and other sports.”

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