Pac-12 & CEO Group Agree to “Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative”

The Pac 12 has announced a new student-athlete healthcare initiative to start in the 2013-2014 academic year. The conference along with “its CEO Group made up of university Presidents and Chancellors” are in unanimous agreement that improving health and safety standards of its Pac-12 student-athletes is top priority.

In assessing their objective, “the group acknowledges that it is impossible to eliminate all injuries, but has developed the initiative to find ways to reduce injuries today, share current best practices and latest studies, and conduct research to uncover new ways to keep student-athletes as safe as possible.”

As stated by Pac-12 CEO Group Chair Ed Ray. “This new initiative is a great step towards taking advantage of the full resources of our research institutions for the benefit of our student-athletes.”

One key component in the initiative is the reduction of contact in football. “The Pac-12 will codify into a formal policy the existing practices across the Conference as they relate to limiting contact in football practice. The final policy will be released at Pac-12 Football Media Day on July 26. Going forward, the Pac-12 will look at guidelines around contact in practice to ensure that student-athlete well-being is being closely monitored, both in the amount of contact and in providing our student-athletes and coaches with ample opportunity to teach and learn the correct tackling methods during the spring and preseason.”

As is the case with all Division I conferences, there are substantial resources– medical trainers, doctors, and scientists – available to execute this initiative for improving student-athlete healthcare. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott also emphasized that, “Our athletic departments and coaches have been very progressive in this area and are deeply committed to advancing these efforts.”

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