Leach Says Pac-12 Concussion Policy Shouldn’t Impact His Team

Washington State University Head Football Coach Mike Leach knows all about concussions. While at Texas Tech University, he was once accused of making a player, who had suffered a concussion, sit in a dark closet. After he was fired by the school, he sued, and the definition of a concussion got plenty of airtime.

Apparently, some of the facts sunk in.

Earlier this week, Leach told the Spokane Spokesman Review: “I think everybody wants the same thing, which is the welfare of the student-athletes.”

The subject came up when Leach was asked about the Pac-12’s plan to limit contact during football practices.

While noting that the policy is a good one, Leach expects little impact from the measure, since he already limits the Cougars’ on-field practice time.

“I don’t expect these rules to impact us at all,” he told the paper, “because we have shorter practices and less contact than most teams. …  It won’t affect us at all.” The Cougars limit practices to an hour-and-a-half during the season already, and very rarely dress in full pads after the preseason.

Observers believe the Pac-12 contact rules will be more restrictive than those of the NCAA.

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