Concussions Are the Theme at the Santa Clara Institute of Sports Law and Ethics Symposium

The Santa Clara Institute of Sports Law and Ethics Symposium has made “Sports Concussions: Problems and Proposed Solutions” the theme of its annual event, set for September 12 at Santa Clara University.

Among the speakers are keynoters Alan Schwarz of the NY Times and NFL Senior Vice-President for Health and Safety Policy, Jeff Miller. There will be a panel on medical issues, chaired by Dr. Robert Cantu, who is a Professor of Neurosurgery at Boston University and who is the author of a leading book on issues with youth concussions; a panel on football, chaired by Ramogi Huma, President of the National College Players Association; a panel on soccer, chaired by Olympic and World Cup champion, Brandi Chastain; a panel on youth issues, chaired by Tom Farrey of ESPN; and a panel on legal issues chaired by Ted Leland, the Athletic Director of University of the Pacific. Also speaking will be retired football players, including Hall-of-Famer, Ronnie Lott, and three-time All Pro, Brent Jones.

There will also be a special lunchtime presentation, “What we can learn from What Happened at Rutgers” by Jack Clark, the Cal Berkeley rugby coach who has won 22 NCAA Championships, and Jim Thompson, CEO and Founder of Positive Coaching Alliance.

For more on the September 12 event, which runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., visit

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