JULY Issue of ‘Concussion Litigation Reporter’ Now Available

The JULY issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter has been posted for subscribers.

William M. McDonnell, MD, JD, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management, recently wrote a piece for AAP News, the official news magazine of the AAP, entitled: “How to Avoid Potential Liability Headaches from State Concussion Laws.” We decided to reach out to McDonnell and ask him some pointed questions about the issue. This Q&A is among this month’s articles:

  • Hit by Pitch – or a Bat, or a Line Drive, or a Co-Participant…
  • Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss, Namoff Concussion Litigation Proceeds
  • An Investigation of Interscholastic Athletic Trainer Documentation Practices of Concussions in a Two-State Region
  • Charges Dropped Against Coach Who Allegedly Caused Opposing Player’s Concussion
  • Doctor/Lawyer Examines Potential Liability Headaches from State Concussion Laws
  • SEC Defers to NCAA on Concussion Issue
  • California Appellate Court Affirms Stay Sought by Liability Insurers in NFL Case
  • Deciphering Vermont’s Concussion Law

Also of interest, Concussion Litigation Reporter checked in with Greg Sankey, SEC executive associate commissioner, about the progress of the SEC Working Group on Concussions. His reply: “Our group continues its efforts, and we have avoided projecting its completion of the assigned task.”

See Concussion Litigation Reporter for all the articles in this month’s issue.

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