Ohio State University Initiates Concussion Study, Researcher Optimistic

Ohio State University has announced that it will launch a long-term concussion study that will track selected Buckeye football players, even after they leave campus.

The study will be led by Dr. Russell Lonser, chairman of OSU’s Department of Neurological Surgery. Dr. Lonser, who oversaw the study of the late Junior Seau’s brain and is a member of the NFL head, neck and spine committee, believes the study will contribute to the evolution of football.

“Sports have evolved throughout time,” Dr. Lonser said. “Take football when people weren’t wearing helmets 100 years ago, when there were a fair number of deaths associated with it. (There) was the development of helmets, the development of padding, the development of rules that significantly impact concussions.

“Not just in football, but in all sports, this is a process that’s an evolution. Football and other sports have become safer in the past couple of years through a variety of mechanisms, they will continue to become safer year after year, and we’re seeing that happen.”

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