State Officials Tweak Forms to Increase Reporting

Massachusetts state officials have made adjustments to a 2010 law that requires athletic directors and other administrators to turn in reports about head injuries.

The changes, which included simplifying the report forms, were made after just one-third of the state’s schools met the requirements of the state’s concussion law last year for submitting the form by August 31.

Carlene Pavlos, interim director of the state Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Community Health and Prevention, told the Boston Globe that “it was clear that a number of the schools didn’t really understand what the form was asking.”

Athletic Business Magazine further reported specifically that the data for the 213 schools that submitted the report for the 2011-12 school year showed that there were 3,450 head injuries.

That number, according to Pavlos, is expected to rise in coming years because of greater awareness and reporting.

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