Ex-Players Use Crowdfunding to Raise Concussion Awareness

Ex-NFL football players Dorsey Levens and Kyle Turley are on a mission.

They are tackling football’s concussion issue through music and a documentary film respectively. In an effort to raise awareness and financial resources for their respective projects, they are the first professional athletes to use Indiegogo’s icrowdfunding platform.

Taking advantage of today’s technology, Turley “is using Indiegogo.com to support his upcoming country music album, ‘Skull Shaker,’ and to assist his tour to spread awareness of the long-term effects of concussions. As an independent artist, he is turning to crowdfunding to deeply engage with fans.”

Likewise Levens has opted for crowdfunding as an alternative “to engage sports fans in the creation of his documentary ‘Bell Rung,’ which paints a vivid warning of the effects of repeated head trauma. By offering fans personalized memorabilia and one-of-a-kind experiences, Levens and his team are confident his fan base will share in spreading the film’s urgent message. Funds gathered through the Indiegogo platform will be used to produce a more powerful and compelling film for viewers.”

If the word crowdfunding is new to your vocabulary, an explanation is in order. “Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.” As an example, through “Indiegogo the HONY & Tumblr Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser generated three times their original goal, resulting in nearly $320,000 for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

Two-time All-Pro offensive tackle Turley, now turned country musician, lives in Nashville. “All proceeds from his single ‘Fortune and Pain’ have been going to the Gridiron Greats Association Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for retired NFL players in need. With his new album, Turley will continue to be a prominent voice in the fight to raise concussion awareness throughout the sport of football.”

In Levens case, following his retirement, “he has become a strong advocate for concussion awareness and proponent for lifetime health insurance for professional football players of all ages. His documentary is currently 48 minutes, and he wants to expand it to 90 minutes in order to include some critical features on former athletes dealing with the debilitating affects of repeated head trauma.”

For both players, getting involved is their solution for making a contribution. 

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