‘Madden NFL Football’ Undergoing Changes with Goal of Preventing Concussions in Young Athletes

That game controller your little sportster has been playing with is often a distracter and a habit that could use changing. Well, change is in the wind. EA Sports, maker of Madden NFL football, is debuting a new version this fall that “will feature a safer way to tackle to help prevent concussions.”

So who’s responsible for the change? It came out of Cleveland. A high school coach teamed up with NFL’s “Heads Up Football” to lay the groundwork for proper tackling techniques. It was decided that the use of animation would be an effective way to teach the subject.file0001556040045

St. Ignatius Wildcats coach Chuck Kyle subsequently held a conversation with the NFL, and that led to the league convincing EA Sports that they should use their resources to develop a video game demonstrating proper tackling techniques.

As noted by Dr. Rick Figler, of the Cleveland Clinic, “Kids, as many video games as they’re playing now, and for as graphic as those can be and as kind of lifelike as those can be, I think it’s a good learning tool.”

As frustrated as parents can get about video games, now there’s a good reason to play one.

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