Austin Sports Medicine Group Advocates Baseline Testing Before Season Starts

Concussions have always been commonplace in the sports world. They have also been injuries that are difficult to diagnose and manage. The CDC tells us that “between 1.6 million and 3.8 million brain injuries occur in sports each year, with around 63,000 affecting high school athletes.”

Severe concussions, according to the experts, involve “the assessment of a range of domains, including clinical symptoms, physical signs, behavior, balance, sleep and cognition.”

Step forward, Medicine in Motion (MIM), a team of Austin sports medicine doctors who “uses special computerized testing to evaluate whether an athlete is suffering from a concussion.” As advocated by this group, “this tool, in combination with a physician evaluation, is the best way to determine the presence of a concussion and when it is resolved, thereby allowing an athlete to return to play.”

“The absolute best way to manage concussions is to have baseline testing prior to the start of a sports season,” said Dr. Martha Pyron, owner of Medicine in Motion. “If a head injury does occur, we then repeat the test for comparison. By doing this, there is a unique and direct comparison from healthy brain to concussion for the clinician to evaluate.”

MIM encourages athletes to have baseline testing performed before the season starts, when an injury occurs, when repeated concussions exist, even have non-sports participants tested when they incur injury, and very important, “parents of athletes should have their children baseline tested every other year until they reach adulthood to ensure their brains are protected.”

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