Family of Former NFL Player Targets NFL, Others with Wrongful Death Suit

The daughter of former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Forrest Blue has sued the National Football League and others, alleging in Illinois state court that Blue suffered “numerous concussive brain traumas” during his playing career, which led to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and his premature death in 2011.

Specifically, Brittney L. Blue alleges that the NFL “failed to prevent, diagnose, and/or properly treat” the brain traumas “throughout his career” as well as that it “never warned (him) that playing through concussions could, and would, cause permanent brain damage.”

She also claimed that the NFL “knew, or should have known, that the helmets used by NFL players do not adequately protect players from concussions,” or “the harmful effects of poorly managed concussions.”

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