Joint Effort of Carestream and Buffalo Bills to Concentrate on Early Detection Methods

The ‘Bills’ have the players, Carestream Health has the medical and technological expertise. Together they have entered into an agreement that will “aid Carestream’s development of advanced medical imaging technology designed to help with earlier detection and monitoring of brain injuries.”

As stated by Russ Brandon, President & CEO of the Buffalo Bills. “The NFL supports initiatives that will help us better understand the impact of traumatic brain injuries and the effect on players’ health, with the goal of advancing sports medicine to provide better care for all athletes. This collaboration is an important step that will help with this effort.”

Finalizing this agreement also “builds on plans between Carestream and JohnsHopkinsUniversity for research and development of new 3D imaging systems, including a cone beam CT system developed for musculoskeletal radiology and orthopaedic imaging of extremities, with applications ranging from traumatic injury to arthritis and osteoporosis. Carestream and Johns Hopkins plan to expand their collaboration to include new systems for imaging of TBI to support Carestream’s product development activities that could help improve the diagnosis and treatment of head injuries.”

One only needs to look at a snapshot of the last decade to conclude that TBI is becoming more widespread and severe in nature.

“Our work will create a system capable of detecting TBI at the point of care, leveraging a major advance in imaging capability to confidently diagnose subtle brain injury and direct patients to appropriate therapy, avoid repeat injury and stem the debilitating effects of undetected disease,” reports Dr. Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen, PhD FAAPM, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering at JohnsHopkinsUniversity.

As a result of the agreement with the ‘Bills,’ “Carestream has installed a new CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend System and a DIRECTVIEW CR System at Ralph Wilson Stadium to enable the Buffalo Bills staff to use the company’s latest medical imaging technology. Instant access to X-ray images helps medical staff and athletic trainers determine whether a player can return to a game or a practice session, or if further treatment is necessary.”

Already “in use at hospitals around the world, these systems provide high quality images while reducing radiation exposure, and enable medical professionals to quickly review images which can lead to faster treatment decisions.”

Obviously, this Carestream system is yet another tool for use in dealing with the proper diagnosis and treatment of head trauma in a timely manner with the best interest of the athlete in mind.

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