NCAA’s Chief Medical Officer Talks Concussions

Brian Hainline, NCAA’s first chief medical officer, will most certainly play a pivotal role in the association’s effort to increase concussion awareness with its membership. “Hainline, formerly the chief of neurology at ProHEALTH Care Associates in Lake Success, N.Y., is a ray of hope in what has become an at-times disjointed national approach to concussions,” wrote influential columnist Dennis Dodds.

On the question of limiting contact in practices, Hainline replied, after clarifying that different conferences may have different views on the subject, “What’s important, and what we’re moving to, is coming out with a general sense of an agreement. I’m not convinced right now the NCAA can say, ‘This is the way it must be done.’”

Hiring Hainline is a significant step for the NCAA. The concussion issue alone is a big attention-getter and that has aided Hainline with one of his biggest challenges, “building bridges with new sports.”

The question of unity is also addressed in this interview. Multiple divergent views on the treatment and management of concussed athletes have existed, although consensus seems to be coming together.

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