Controversy Emerges Over NFL Concussion Lead and His Role as Tagliabue’s Personal Doctor

An ESPN “Outside the Lines” report has revealed that Dr. Elliot Pellman, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s personal doctor, also served as the NFL doctor in charge of researching concussions during Tagliabue’s tenure.

The NFL, of course, is embroiled in a lawsuit, where close to 5,000 retired players have filed a lawsuit against the league, alleging that it concealed a link between football and brain damage.

It has been reported by some that Pellman was the source behind the NFL’s attempts to discredit independent scientists and studies that warned of the effects of concussions.

According to the “Outside the Lines” report, Pellman was a Long Island rheumatologist with no previous expertise in brain research.

The NFL has countered that Tagliabue wasn’t treated by Pellman until 1997, three years after he had appointed Pellman to lead the concussion committee.

“No personal medical care had anything to do with Dr. Pellman’s appointment to the committee in 1994,” the former commissioner said in a statement released by the NFL.

Sports law experts are suggesting that this bombshell could offer one more push to a settlement.

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