A Different Kind of Sports Concussion Case

Last week, InsideCounsel.com looked at “Five of the Summer’s Biggest Sports Lawsuits” and it certainly was no surprise that concussion litigation made the list.

However, the lawsuit had nothing to do with the NFL or NCAA. Instead the case involved a bicycle and mention of the axiom “always wear a helmet when riding a bike.”

That said, “what happens when a helmet actually hurts more than it helps? That’s what cyclist Jeffery Sohn claimed in LA Superior Court, filing suit against Easton-Bell Sports that the company’s Giro Pneumo helmet contributed to head injuries he suffered from a crash three years ago,” according to the publication.

“Earlier this week, however, Easton-Bell won the suit after attorneys were able to demonstrate that Sohn was wearing his helmet improperly. According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Easton-Bell’s attorneys argued Sohn wore his helmet too high on his head, despite instructions that came with the helmet. They also were able to show scratch marks on the helmet that contradicted Sohn’s recreation of the wreck. Easton-Bell is framing the verdict as a ‘pivotal’ victory for helmet advocates, and they believe the ruling may create precedent in upcoming football helmet concussion suits as well.”

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