Athletic Trainers Face Tension with Coaches over Concussion Issue

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported today on the growing tension athletic trainers and coaches over the concussion issue.

“Nearly half of the major-college football trainers who responded to a recent Chronicle survey say they have felt pressure from football coaches to return concussed players to action before they were medically ready,” according to the article. “The respondents included 101 head athletic trainers, head football trainers, and other sports-medicine professionals from the highest rung of college football, the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision.”

The article went on to quote Kevin M. Guskiewicz, a leading concussion researcher from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who said some of the tension has emerged when institution places “a coach in a supervisory role over the athletic trainer or allows a coach to put pressure on medical decisions.”

The article went on to look at how some athletic trainers have had arguments with coaches and found themselves out of a job, days or weeks later.

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