Advanced Concussion Training Key Topic at Coach Certification Clinic

The Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation recently held a coach certification clinic, where concussion expert Chris Nowinski served as the keynote speaker.

Nowinski, a former professional wrestler, had his career cut short by concussions.Chris-Nowinski-Headshot

“I didn’t recognize I was getting concussions at the beginning (of my career), so I just thought it was no big deal,” he said. “The sky would change colors or I would have double vision or I would have a splitting headache. I thought that was just normal.”

Nowinski was later treated by Dr. Robert Cantu, who helped alleviate the symptoms. A bond was formed as together the two men formed Sports Legacy Institute. Today, Nowinski is a beacon for concussion awareness.

“It is critical that we get this message to coaches, especially youth,” Nowinski said. “They don’t have the medical support to help diagnose a very complex injury. Kids are most vulnerable to concussions, and it’s most important to diagnose it when they’re young.”

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