Sports Concussion Issue is Heating Up

The September 2013 issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter features a number of provocative stories, from the perfect storm developing around the legalization of medical marijuana, its purported ability to prevent and treat concussions and existing policies that would prevent its use to the latest analysis on the NFL settlement. Here is the Table of Contents:

  • Marijuana’s Purported Ability to Mitigate Concussions and Speed Recovery May Leave Colleges and Universities Vulnerable
  • Plaintiffs Had Little Choice But to Take the Deal from the NFL
  • NFL Concussion Litigation Will Make the Game Safer for Young People
  • Family Sues NCAA, Others in Concussion Lawsuit
  • The Reclassification of Football; — Part 1:  The NFL
  • Coach Faces Lawsuit After Ordering Hit that Caused Concussion
  • Mike Leach Suffers another Loss in Concussion-Related Case
  • New Legislation Addresses How the NCAA Handles Its Concussion Issues
  • NFL Suspends Player for Violent Helmet Swing towards an Opposing Player
  • Study Confirms that Repeated Brain Trauma in Athletes May Affect Memory, Mood, Behavior

See Concussion Litigation Reporter for all the articles in this month’s issue.

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