The Role of the Neck in Concussions

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The Role of the Neck in Concussions

The Brattleboro (VT) Reformer published an interesting article written by the parent of high school soccer player, which touches on everything from research to testing to equipment.

One of the more significant areas involves Brattleboro Union High School’s head athletic trainer, Josh Underwood, and the research he did concerning girls soccer players and concussions in preparing his doctoral dissertation, which focuses on the use of manual therapy in reducing symptoms reported by patients with concussions.13521446093fm3m

“When you have a concussion, there is dysfunction in both the neck and the musculature,” he said in the article. “It’s not just the brain rattling, although the general thinking is that the brain is generally hurt.

“But we also think that the neck and the muscles surrounding the head act as a tuning fork. The pain and vibrations hit the area, and that makes the pain that much worse.

“Our theory is that the concussion causes some sort of dysfunction in the neck and surrounding musculature that increases some of the symptoms reported by patients.”

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