Valdosta State Says It is Cycling Out Old Helmets

The Valdosta State athletic department revealed recently that it has spent more than $10,000 on at least 20 additional Riddell and Schutt football helmets in its continuing bid to enhance the safety of student athletes.

VSU athletic director Herb Reinhard told the media that “what we do at Valdosta State and what you see across college football is that schools are looking at their equipment—making sure they’ve got the most up-to-date equipment.”schutt-vengeance-1

Reinhard added that the introduction of safer helmets is part of an ongoing campaign.

“We’ve added about 80 helmets over the last two years,” Reinhard said. “We’ve been able to put more helmets into our inventory to cycle out older or simply adequate helmets.”

VSU Director of Sports Medicine Russ Hoff said the school uses the rating system developed by Virginia Tech in selecting helmets.

“We looked at helmets that were rated highly on Virginia Tech’s star-rating system,” he said. “We got more than one vendor because helmets fit people differently. We’ve diversified our inventory by manufacturer but we still utilize the star-rating system to choose what are considered higher-quality helmets.”

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