Researcher Suggests Rugby Union Could Face NFL-style Concussion Lawsuit

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Researcher Suggests Rugby Union Could Face NFL-style Concussion Lawsuit

Dr. Michael Grey, one of Britain’s leading experts in motor neuroscience, suggested recently to The Guardian that the Rugby Union could be facing an NFL-style concussion lawsuit in the near future.

Grey and others site the fact that the International Rugby Board has been accused by former medical advisor Dr. Barry O’Driscoll, in an interview with the BBC, of failing to place sufficient importance on treating concussion.

Grey issued the following warning through the paper:

“There’s the damage not only to the individual – and that has to be at the forefront of the mind – but we must also consider the sport itself.

“I believe we’re not too far off from coaches and sporting organizations being held accountable for the damage and we’re seeing that with the big lawsuit in the NFL.SONY DSC

“Absolutely a sport like rugby union could face something similar in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if something like that happens. If we do nothing when we know there’s a problem, then I could see that type of lawsuit occurring.

“We know this is a problem and it’s very clear that the information is not getting out correctly to coaches and particularly to kids when we have an obligation to inform them of the dangers.”

Grey went on to discuss the challenge that helmeted sports lead to a different, or worse, type of impact.

“The collisions are different but it doesn’t take very much impact to shake the brain and cause a concussion,” he said. “It doesn’t take a huge hit.”