Unequal Technologies Makes Female Athletes a Priority with Protective Equipment

“Women are very interested in what we’re doing,” Robert Vito, CEO of Unequal Technologies, told a newspaper called The Mercury last week.

“There are more concussions in soccer than any other sport, and more and more girls are playing soccer,” he added. “They don’t have their own channel like the NFL, so no one is really looking at it.”

Except for Unequal Technologies, of course. While its original mission was to design and produce protective equipment for the military, Vito and his company have since moved into protective sporting equipment market, where they are firmly focused on, among other things, protecting female athletes.

“I think about these girls who are never going to be professional athletes, but they are out there playing just as hard as if they were,” Vito told the paper.

“I know one girl who missed four months of school because of a concussion. That’s something we have to avoid. We want them back in class as soon as possible and we want them doing long-division with their grandkids years from now.”

Vito hopes his head bands/headgear products will provide some relief, though the evidence that it helps prevent concussions is somewhat contradictory.

The paper quoted one scientist as saying that “some data has shown that use of these devices has actually increased head injuries as it leads to more aggressive play as the athlete feels he or she is more protected due to the use of these devices.”13521446093fm3m

Vito disagreed.

“To people who say girls will play more aggressively with headgear, I recommend they go out to the field and watch them play,” said Vito. “They are already playing as intensely as the boys.”

To see the full article, visit http://www.pottsmerc.com/general-news/20131022/protective-equipment-maker-creates-gear-for-girls

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