College Soccer Player Sues NCAA Over Concussions

(Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in Concussion Litigation Reporter. For the full story and details, please subscribe to CLR)

A  former college soccer player has sued the NCAA in state court, arguing that the association didn’t do enough to educate athletes on the dangers of head trauma.

The plaintiff claimed that a concussion she suffered while playing soccer in 2010 prematurely ended her career.

She had a history of concussions in high school, suffering one her sophomore year and another while participating on a select team. Given that history, she claims the NCAA should have done more to educate her on the dangers of continuing to play soccer.

“The NCAA has for years known about the risks with concussions,” the attorney said. “Whether they’re football related or any sport. They’ve conducted, had access to and have funded studies. They’ve been in a position to protect student athletes and to educate them and they haven’t done that.”

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