Financial Expert Will Advise on NFL Settlement

The federal judge overseeing the NFL concussion litigation has appointed a special master to help assess “the expected financial complexity of the proposed settlement.”

The financial expert is Perry Golkin, co-founder of Public Pension Capital Management in New York.

Both sides, the N.F.L. and more than 6,000 players who sued the league for negligence and fraud, welcomed Golkin’s appointment, hoping it means there will be “prompt preliminary approval of the settlement agreement.”

Golkin, a longtime Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. executive with business and law degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, is expected to provide “formal or informal recommendations” to the court.

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One Response to Financial Expert Will Advise on NFL Settlement

  1. Tom Baugh says:

    Everyone has blown right by the issues. This settlement will do nearly nothing for those with chronic pain, depression, and a host of other symptoms. The league already has an “88” plan for dementia, and a multitude of other plans, and trusts are available for those with serious problems. Many of the plans are duplicative, require “dire need” status, and the stamp of approval from some committee. Of the Millions of dollars that are available, only something like 2% was actually used in 2009. The root of this issue was and continues to be, that the league knowingly permitted the continuation of damaging activities. Of the 6,000 suing the league, only a small percentage will ever see a dime. This is nothing more than “hush money” for those who many of us speak on behalf of because they have no voice. $3M for a family of deceased suicide retiree with CTE but ZERO….. ZERO…. for anyone diagnosed with CTE will living. What exactly is the message? Committing Suicide is worth $3M? Or your CTE is only relevant if you’re dead? The league needs to have permanent health services for all former players. Enough money has been spent buy taxpayers floating tax free loans to the NFL for the purpose of Entertainment. Entertainers are getting hurt with things they didn’t even know existed. I’m not sure how OSHA is not involved. In any other industry, the activities would have to be modified. Yet the players in the NFL, of their own accord, continue to jeopardize their welfare. I am not a proponent of larger government, I don’t like the fact that they are even involved. The healthcare system however cannot handle all these cases on the backs of Medicare. That is what is occurring today. Old retirees have had to resort to getting aid from state and federal agencies because the league hasn’t done what all other employers are required to do. Keep your people safe. For many months we have heard about a “Settlement”. There will never be a settlement of those who have been impacted, until there is compensation. Mark my words this will be OPTED OUT OF. What the league will continue to do as a result of this and previous “class actions” is eliminate a large portion of the litigant class who are either misinformed, uneducated, incapable of make the complex decision. As a result of the league making EVERYONE part of the class, only those who opt out will be able to remain part of the new class which will continue to fight for a fair resolution. In the meantime, hundreds, maybe thousands of retirees will die, more will commit suicide, and thousands will become a burden mentally and financially to their families as a result of the injuries, and even more will have to apply for public assistance burdening taxpayers of all states. Meanwhile the “Non-profit” NFL reaps windfall tax free revenue from a country that gave away 100’s of millions in tax breaks to teams (companies) that don’t even take care of their own employees. At some point I hope the right people get a whiff of the stench. I just hope it isn’t rotten corpses. And if it is, I hope it is on the doorstep of those most at fault.