Mississippi House of Representatives Passes Concussion Law

The Mississippi House of Representatives has passed a concussion bill that will set protocols for dealing with young athletes, who show symptoms of a concussion.

House Bill 48 provides that an athlete who reports or shows symptoms or signs of a concussion must be removed from a practice or game for at least one day and wouldn’t be allowed to return to practice or competition until cleared by a health provider.

Mississippi is the last state in the country without a youth concussion law.

Sen. Brice Wiggins, R-Pascagoula, introduced a similar bill in the Senate chambers, which would require any public or private schools that have youth athletic programs to adopt a concussion management and return to play policy.

“This puts into law what’s kind of already going on in the state, a protocol for concussion injuries,” Wiggins told  the Clarion-Ledger. “Research shows that if you allow a child to sit out before returning to play … it’s the best thing for them health wise.”



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