Indiana Concussion Bill Breaks New Ground

Indiana Senator Travis Holdman has authored a bill that would require high school football coaches to take player safety and concussion training courses every two years, making it the first such state to make such a requirement, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The bill would also parallel a law in Washington state, which requires football players to wait 24 hours before returning to play after a concussion, making it the eighth state to introduce that requirement..

Current Indiana High School Athletic Association protocol already requires that if an athlete is suspected of having a concussion, the athlete must see a physician,

“We’ve had that protocol for over two years – before concussion language was written,” IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox told the Business Journal, “I think the protocols, as long as they’re executed, they’re appropriate.”

Holdman, meanwhile, said he hopes to expand to the bill to include soccer programs in the future.

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