Goodell: League Would Consider Allowing Use of Medical Marijuana to Treat Concussions

In a press conference Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that the league would consider allowing its players to use medical marijuana to treat concussions and other head injuries if informed by experts that it would alleviate symptoms.

Goodell said “our medical experts are not saying that right now.”

But that could change. And if it does …

“We will obviously follow signs. We will follow medicine and if they determine this could be a proper usage in any context, we will consider that.”

Ironically, the participants in the Super Bowl hail from Colorado and Washington, the only states where the drug is legal for recreational use.

In other related news, sports law professor and columnist Michael McCann wrote a provocative piece yesterday about how How should the NFL deal with increased legalization of marijuana?

In the article is a section that looks at the “Merits of the NFL Allowing Marijuana as a Treatment for Concussions”.

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