Concussions Will Take the Podium at the Olympics

Whether it is merely increased awareness of concussions or a trend toward more head injuries in sports, we can be certain that the word “concussion” will be used in the Winter Olympics more than all the other Olympics combined.

Just last week, the reigning Olympic champion in men’s figure skating, Evan Lysacek, was talking about the prevalence of head injuries in ice skating, describing to media outlet TMZ why figure skating can be “a tough sport.”

Lysacek, who is not competing next month in Sochi because of other injuries, estimated that he has had between 15 to 20 concussions. “Sometimes we fall at 20 miles an hour and your neck just kind of snaps back,” he said.

The United States Figure Skating Association is not sticking its head in the sand about the situation, providing the following link on its Website to coaches and competitors:


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