Official: College Football Targeting Rule Was a Success

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Official: College Football Targeting Rule Was a Success

Rogers Redding, the national coordinator for college football officials, has told the media he is “pleased with (college football’s targeting rule).” 

The rule requires an automatic ejection of a player who targets a defenseless player with a hit above the shoulders. It allows for a replay official to review the play and overturn the call if not correct.refs

Redding told the Orlando Sentinel that as the season went along, the number of fouls called decreased, considerably. Coaches and players accepted the rule and adjusted to it, according to Redding.

“If you noticed the buzz about this died down over the last six weeks of the season,” he said, adding that defenders altered their practice of crouching and springing into players with their head and shoulders. Instead, they used their chest and mid-section area.

He went on to acknowledge the controversy associated with the fact that even if the replay official overturns the call, the 15-yard penalty stands.

Redding said that issue and others will be discussed when the rules committee meets in mid-February. But he wants the committee to go slow.

“I’m going to try to get the committee to go slow on that one and have a very good discussion about it because I think we can be perceived as backing away from a very successful rule that is clearly intended  entirely for the safety of the players,” he told the paper.